Our 20 Acres

The Orchard

We leave the orchard as a haven for wildlife and wildflowers, including a family of 3 wild deer who have taken up residence in the long lush grass.

Having originally been bought to cater for the family’s ever expanding flock of sheep 30 odd years ago, Chris (Kate’s Dad) planted the orchard single handedly in 1998. The majority of the apple varieties planted are traditional, dry cider apples. They are biannual, and produce approximately 1000 litres of juice every two years. In order to create a more medium cider we blend with dabenet apples from Wimple.

blossoms in orchard

The Vineyard

The vineyard was planted in 2005 (again by Chris) at a time when people were turning their noses up at English wine. This vision, and the building of the agricultural barn for the vineyard, has led to the creation of a thriving family business. As well as, surprisingly, (we are by no means professionals) some lovely tasting wine! The main variety of grape is Seyval Blanc, which produce a dry white with hints of citrus. Other varieties include Sigrebbe, bachus and phoenix, which when combined produce a lovely elderflower aroma.

decoration inside

1903 Traction Engine

When Chris designed the barn the thing that was at the forefront of his mind was his 1903, 8 horsepower, Allchin Traction Engine. Having been in the family for nearly 40 years, she now takes pride of place under the vaulted ceiling of the barn, where she has witnessed many wedding ceremonies and crazy dance moves.

Table centre pieces

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