Team Frog


The founder of Froginwell! Having had a hugely successful career building Sparex into an international company, Chris had always had the dream of creating the opportunity for his children to work for themselves.


Despite having two little girls under the age of four, Kate relished in the challenge of setting up a business from scratch. Having no previous knowledge of business, but with a degree in English and History (helpful…), Kate managed to build a successful business with Chris’ guiding hand. The closure of the cafe in 2017 allowed the business to focus on corporate events, weddings and private hire events. The venue is now well established for relaxed and friendly exclusive hire events and continues to grow.

However, she couldn’t have done any of this on her own! Enter Dani…


After graduating with a degree in English and Media in 2014, Dani joined the team temporarily before heading back to Uni to do a PGCE. However, after seeing the potential Froginwell had to offer, and with a worryingly similar outlook on life to Kate, she decided to stay and be a part of its success.

Between the two of them, Kate and Dani do everything to make Froginwell run smoothly. This includes anything from mowing to admin, wall destruction to wedding bars. They’ll really give anything a go.


Then there’s JJ. Not technically an employee of Froginwell (we’ve never paid him a penny…) but integral part nonetheless – and Kate’s husband. Since Froginwell has existed, JJ has gone from leaving his job as a chartered surveyor to set up his own business importing and selling wine, cider and beer production as vitikit ( As well as working full time, JJ is also responsible for all aspects of our wine and cider!


Most definitely NOT an employee, but the one we call on to fix anything and everything is Jason. He especially enjoys making our nonsensical imaginings a reality… like our recent 100m2 extension. He also brings with him New Devon Army ( of which Froginwell is a massive supporter. His love of birds means we now have endless woodpecker holes in the barn, and a great knowledge of our local birds!

Evie, Chloe & Hooper

Froginwell’s next generation, Kate & JJ’s family. Watch out! The girls are currently rubbish at business but great at smashing glass bottles into the recycling bin.

Hooper is the centre of everyone’s attention and Froginwell’s welcoming party… and boy does he love it!