New for Autumn Winter 2018!!

The summer is whizzing by with a succession of beautiful weddings and busy weeks filled with entertaining corporate guests and trying to tame the wilderness of the vineyard. However, we have still found the time to get a project underway that we are super excited to finally be able to announce – Feasting at Froginwell!!!

Inspired by our love of local food and the abundance of such amazing quality seasonal produce as well as our huge admiration for a number of local chefs and businesses we are holding a series of Feasting at Froginwell evenings over the Autumn and Winter. Each feast will celebrate the skills of the different chefs we are collaborating with but always the focus will remain on supporting local producers and ensuring that food is seasonal and fresh.

Food is obviously a very important part of a feast, but to me, the look and feel of a place plays a vital role as well.  We are so excited to turn Froginwell from a stunning, light-filled, airy summer venue to a cosy inviting oak barn filled with flickering candlelight and festive decorations.

Feasting at Froginwell brings together everything we love about life: Companionship, hospitality, food and the opportunity to eat amongst friends and family, that feeling of being warm and looked after…you can’t beat it.

So, if this feels like something you would like to support and come along and enjoy visit our website for information on upcoming feasts or you can either contact us on 01395 239900 or by email


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