….and, in our case, they are changing for the better. It has been nearly 2 years since I last posted – I could put this down to not having enough time or perhaps nothing of any interest to talk about. The truth is I fell out of love with running my own business. Life became a tedious drudge of turning cafe into venue then back into cafe. Furniture moving, constant mowing under pressure in the event the cafe got busy and then the gradual realisation that this was the future all started to eat away at mine and Dani’s enthusiasm. Perhaps you get to a point ( I was nearing 40) when you think what is the point of all this? What am I actually achieving? I looked at the figures, did some intense calculations and made the decision – the cafe would close Sept 2017 and we would build an extension to make the space more useable allowing Froginwell to fulfill its role as a venue. As soon as the decision was made, the weight started lifting, despite notable objections from close family members intimating I had made the wrong decision.

– 2nd October 2017, the digger arrives to begin the groundworks. The weather is kind and we have        very little rain, site remains tidy and everything goes to plan.
– mid-October bricklayer starts. All is going swimmingly
– end of October oak frame goes up within a week and the 100sqm extension is taking shape
– end of November bricklayer has to leave site due to family reasons….uh oh
– SOS on Facebook and thankfully replacement bricklayer is back on site cursing the arched door          ways
– Dec 2017 – no sign of apex glass or doors. Weather tight by Xmas? I don’t think so…
– mid Jan 2018 we have doors and glass and underfloor heating is switched on
– mid -Feb 2018 – Dani and I are painting in sub-tropical temperatures inside. Freezing temperatures      outside.
– end of Feb – 1st wedding couple come to take a look before their wedding in March. Parents of            bride look horrified of amount of work left to do. We remain calm…sort of.
– March 2018 – budget has been blown. Final week before wedding nearly result in 2 mental                  breakdowns and a trapped spinal nerve.
– April 2018….relax and have a 40th birthday party – glug glug glug.

Time to get Froginwell onto people’s radars announcing that there is now an incredible versatile space available for hire. I have attended several networking events and the people that I have met in a very short space of time have been hugely helpful and supportive. The corporate world seemed a million miles from my life driving tractors but as has been pointed out to me, corporate is business and I have a business so what am I afraid of? Froginwell as a business has become an old friend and I am passionate about what I do so I have the confidence to attend events with understanding of the business world.

What has also been pointed out to me by many is the untapped asset sitting right by my feet, my 8 month old fox red labrador, Hooper. He gets in the way, trips people up, chews everything he shouldn’t chew and has developed an unwelcome habit of goosing complete strangers but we do appear to be a nation of dog lovers as he is adored by all that meet him. Even the lady who broke out in hives because of an allergy to dogs couldn’t resist a cuddle. Perhaps the presence of a dog at work makes people feel more at home or perhaps makes everything a little less serious – how can you take something seriously when you’ve got a puppy displaying every attention seeking talent he has?!

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  • I decided that you probably don’t want to see the ‘Feasting at Froginwell’ logo again so soon BUT TICKETS ARE NOW LIVE ON OUR WEBSITE! 🐸 link in bio 🐸 #froginwellvineyard #froginwell #froginwelldevon #exeter #devon #supportlocal #collaboration #food #drink #feastingtable #feasting #winter2018 #autumn2018 #pickleshack #mikewelshcateringservices
  • LOVE the barn all lit up at night. #wedding #weddingreception #outsidespace #lighting #festoonlighting #night #froginwellvineyard #froginwell #froginwelldevon
  • December we’re Feasting with @m.welshcatering with live music from The Ferrantes. We can’t wait! 🐸Full information on our website! (Link in bio) 🐸 #froginwellvineyard #froginwell #froginwelldevon #exeter #devon #supportlocal #collaboration #food #drink #feastingtable #feasting #winter2018
  • Excited to be feasting with @pickleshack this November! And not forgetting, live music from @horlersadie 🐸Full information on our website! (Link in bio) 🐸 #froginwellvineyard #froginwell #froginwelldevon #exeter #devon #supportlocal #collaboration #food #drink #feastingtable #feasting #autumn2018
  • One of our passions at Froginwell is supporting local businesses and individuals. Another of our passions is local produce – food. Therefore we are combining the two, resulting in FEASTING AT FROGINWELL a series of collaborations featuring brilliant local chefs serving up the best the South West has to offer. Each chef brings their own style and take on flavours, creating a bespoke experience for every event. 🐸Full information on our website!🐸 #froginwellvineyard #froginwell #froginwelldevon #exeter #devon #supportlocal #collaboration #food #drink #feastingtable #feasting #winter2018
  • Ohh what’s this?! The amazing guys at @thepropfactory have sent us a discount code... a perfect excuse to peruse their amazing website 😉 get in touch if you’d like the code! #prop #propfactory #exeter #devon #supportlocal #discountcode #weddings #events #weddinghire
  • An outside wedding with a curved isle and @thepropfactory giant LOVE letters. Perfection. #wedding #weddingvenue #weddingceremony #outsidewedding #love #prophire #froginwellvineyard #froginwell #froginwelldevon #exeter #devon